Health and Safety Policy Statement


The following is a statement of health and safety policy in accordance with Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.

It is the policy of Reflections Cleaning Services Ltd. To ensure it is reasonably of the health safety policy.

Furthermore the welfare of all employees working for the company and other people who may be affected by our undertakings.

Therefore Reflections Cleaning Services Ltd. acknowledges that the key to successful health and safety management requires policy organisation and arrangements.

Which reflect the commitment of management.

Therefore We will continually measure and monitor to improve and revise where necessary.

Our H&S management system to ensure that health and safety standards are maintained.

Furthermore The Directors will implement the health and safety policy and recommend any changes to meet new circumstances.

Reflections Cleaning Services Ltd. recognises that successful health and safety management contributes to successful business performance.


The management of Reflections Cleaning Services Ltd. looks upon the promotion of health and safety measures.

It is therefore the policy of management to do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent personal injury and damage to property.

For all employees have the duties under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and are informed of their personal responsibilities.

To take due care of the health and safety of themselves. And to ensure they do not endanger other person by their acts or omissions.

Above all employees are also informed that they must co-operate with the organisation.

In order that it can comply with the legal requirements placed upon it and in the implementation of this policy.


Therefore Reflections Cleaning Services Ltd. will ensure continued consultation with the workforce.

To enable all viewpoints and recommendations to be discussed at regular intervals.

Hence the organisation will ensure a systematic approach to identifying hazards assessing the risks.

Sufficient control measures and informing employees of the correct procedures needed to maintain a safe working environment.

Finally safe handling of materials and substances, the provision of adequate safety equipment and ensure that appropriate information.


When TUPE applies we are very successful at re-training TUPE staff. We can show you that poor cleaning is almost always a result of poor management.

Therefore Managing and training our staff is the key to our success and essential for long term satisfaction for our clients. So if you are dissatisfied with your current arrangement.

Give us a call. Our aim is to satisfy our clients and developing long term relationships that have a mutual benefit to all.

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What Our Clients Say

Cym One
Cym One
This is a fantastic Cleaning company, jobs such as jet washing roof tiles, jet washing drive ways, fascia's sofits and guttering cleared and cleaned bringing them back looking brand new and window cleaning so clear they look see through.
Richard Heap
Richard Heap
I have had the pelasure of working with Teresa and Reflections for the last 5 years whilst managing our Maidenhead Site. They have been adapative to our needs and provide an excelllent service.
Sophie Colacicchi
Sophie Colacicchi
I would highly recommend Teresa and the Reflection Cleaning Services Team to anyone looking for cleaning services. Teresa helped me out in a time of desperate need on the day I phoned. The team dropped everything and appeared ready for action and worked tirelessly around builders still finishing off bits and pieces in our new offices. Teresa then worked to establish a daily cleaning system in 2 locations at an extremely high level which worked perfectly. Overall my experience of Reflection Cleaning Services has been excellent, and I would recommend Teresa and the team to anyone. Honest, reliable, very reasonable and went above and beyond all of my expectations. Thank you for all the support you have given us over the past few months.
Paul Barrett
Paul Barrett
I have worked with Reflections over the last 8 months and have been very impressed with the services provided. They have been extremely supportive in difficult circumstances, have maintained a good standard and have managed the site well. I would highly recommend Reflections to any company looking for a professional cleaning service.